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Drilling & Fracking

Fabrication Services For the Drilling / Fracking Industries

South Coast Manufacturing offers a full line of custom fabricated products for the drilling industry. Having served the oil and gas drilling industry for over 30 years, the management at South Coast understands your needs. Provide us with your engineered drawings or let us outsource your design criteria to one of our experienced PE engineers. Either way, at South Coast, you will get a quality product at a competitive price.

Quality Fabrication and Machining Services at competitive pricing. • 713-670-0900

All manufacturing related to the drilling industry is performed in accordance with API-4F and Q1. At South Coast, we pride ourselves in an unmatched level of customer service and quality.

On-shore and Off-shore

  • Box on Box Substructures
  • Cantilever Substructures
  • Drill Floors
  • Drillers Cabins
  • Wireline Raised Mast
  • Hydraulically Raised Mast
  • Racking Boards
  • Standpipes
  • BOP Transport Skids
  • Custom High Pressure Manifold Skids / Trailer


Backyard Manufacturing

  • Skidded Crimp Wall Mud Tank Systems
  • Skidded and Trailerized Smooth Wall Mud Tank Systems
  • Custom Mud Pump Skids
  • SCR and VFD Houses
  • Custom Drawworks Skids
  • Suitcase Systems
  • Generator Houses (Including Sound Attenuated)
  • Potable Water Tank Systems
  • Living Quarter Houses