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South Coast Manufacturing, LLC offers Design & Engineering services backed by professional Engineers with years of experience in a wide array of production packages.

  • Production manifold skids (test header and production header for multi well system)
  • Production metering skids (including LACT)
  • Production and test separator skids
  • Produced water treatments and filtration skids
  • Heat exchangers (Shell and Tube or plate exchangers) skids
  • Air cooler skids
  • Production pumps skids
  • Vapor recovery unit (VRU) skids
  • Gas compression Skids (sweet and sour system)
  • Vapor Combustion Unit (VCU) skids
  • Emergency Power generation skids
  • Flare system skids
  • Produced water disposal skids
  • Pig receiver and pig launcher skids
  • API 12 tanks skids (shop fabricated)
  • Fire water/ Foam distribution systems.
  • Instrument air and Nitrogen generation skids
  • Rail and truck loading/offloading skids
  • Marine loading and offloading systems
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Skids
  • Glycol dehydration skids
  • Sour gas treatment skids
  • Liquid recovery system from natural gas by JT or Refrigeration system Skids.